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It's about training the village.

We've gotten to the point of autism awareness in our society, but everyone is still afraid
We often don't understand.
...don't know what to do.
...don't know how to interact.
We all want to help; we just don't know how.
But here's the thing - it doesn't have to stop there. Together we can do better.
It's time to end the fear.
I'm here to expand understanding and appreciation, which means we expand supports in an inclusive way.
We can do more than just survive.
We can ALL learn to enjoy life.
together we can
shift the culture of our community to
embrace autism.
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All training opportunities are personalized to best meet your needs and are packed full of evidence-based and up-to-date information.


I offer small or large group training lectures, including brief one-hour sessions to full multi-day events and everything in between. Seminars are appropriate for professionals, parents, employees, and individuals with autism.


These events engage the audience with hands-on and interactive learning opportunities. Workshops are well-suited for groups of 10 or more and require a little more space to move.


Training for your staff or organization provided on-site and specific to your needs. These events are well-suited for a lunch-n-learn type event as well as lengthier or multi-day sessions to allow your staff the opportunity to apply what they've learned and return to the table for follow-up and feedback.

Online Webinars

All of these training formats can be prepared and delivered in real-time online with interactive discussions or recorded to be viewed at your convenience.

A Few Past Presentation Topics

  • Academically Able and Autism

  • Autism 101: Behaviors are Messages

  • Soft Skills 101; From Philosophical Constructs to Concrete Instruction

  • Change is Hard…Collaboration is even Harder: Let’s Do This!

  • Making Goals Measurable

  • SMART Goals for Social Communication: Writing, Tracking and Enlisting Collaboration

  • Ensuring Independence & Academic Success, more than academics

  • Video Modeling for Social Skill Development

  • Introduction to FBA-BIP

  • UDL Supporting Diverse Learners & ASD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Resources and Recommendations

  • Task Demands through Team Based Learning

  • Medical vs Educational diagnostic and intervention models

  • No Such Thing as Autistic Behaviors and High Functioning is Not Helpful

  • Developing Language and Early Literacy for FREE!

  • The Value of COMMUNICATION: Why we do What we do

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let's get together

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