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Audience and Lecturer

Shannon will work with you to personalize your training experience. Each event is packed full of evidence-based and up-to-date information.

Keynote Speech $ 2500

Impactful and energetic presentations designed to educate, entertain, and inspire audiences to self-reflect and take action.

2-Day Private Workshop $ 9500

Workshops engage audiences with hands-on learning, group activities, and generate individual inspiration and growth. Attendees leave with momentum to implement new strategies immediately.

1-Day Private Training $ 5500

Like the 2-day workshop, full-day training events take audiences on a deep dive into a relevant and timely topic gaining insight & clear action steps. Evidence-based techniques such as Team-Based Learning and Universal Design ensure participant engagement.

1/2 Day In-service $ 3000  

The 1/2 day in-service is an expanded opportunity to engage with Shannon and learn from her expertise. Audiences will leave motivated and ready with clear takeaways to apply. 

Breakout Session $ 1750 

Audiences engage with interactive presentations on current, relevant topics to elicit new evidence-based ways of approaching challenges and developing solutions.

Examples of Past Presentation Topics

  • Academically Able and Autism

  • Autism 101: Behaviors are Messages

  • Soft Skills 101: From Philosophical Constructs to Concrete Instruction

  • Change is Hard…Collaboration is even Harder: Let’s Do This!

  • Making Goals Measurable

  • SMART Goals for Social Communication: Writing, Tracking, and Enlisting Collaboration

  • Ensuring Independence & Academic Success: More Than Academics

  • Video Modeling for Social Skill Development

  • Introduction to FBA-BIP

  • UDL Supporting Diverse Learners & ASD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Resources and Recommendations

  • Task Demands through Team-Based Learning

  • Medical vs. Educational Diagnostic and Intervention Models

  • No Such Thing as Autistic Behaviors; "High Functioning" Is Not Helpful

  • Developing Language and Early Literacy for FREE!

  • The Value of COMMUNICATION: Why We Do What We Do

  • And many more...

School Bus & Children

"Your presentation will be so beneficial to the entire Special Education Department. It was perfect!" 

"I have never seen so many teachers smile after a long day of inservice!"

— Monica Harris, Autism Spectrum Program Specialist

Home School

"Thank you for coming to Sedalia for us Shannon. I know we benefitted greatly!" 

"...Monica thank you so much for mentioning Shannon to our team."

— Chris Pyle, Assistant Superintendent

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