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Especially during this unprecedented and difficult time, we can’t let isolation, depression, or overwhelm overcome us.

  • Families left without classroom supports are in need of guidance and information.

  • Individuals with autism need safe ways to engage and find employment.

  • Educators and communities are seeking innovative and effective ways to help remotely.


Good news - I'm here to help.

Now is the time you need real answers to daily problems

Now is the time to practice skills for independence in the safety of your home

Now is the time to make a difference for those struggling to adapt to this new normal.

For this reason, I’ve developed VIRTUAL family training and individual independence coaching packages. I'm excited to help you, and I feel the urgency that families are experiencing as new updates and changes evolve.

With my expertise, together we can find your freedom to get out and enjoy life!


Young Adults

affected by autism who need help finding and/or keeping a job, living independently, or building relationships.


with a child affected by autism who need help navigating and understanding all the options out there. 


who want the BEST evidence-based answers and methods they can use at home to help their child learn and flourish.

I’m here to help those of you who feel stuck and

want more out of life.

Here's HOW...

Employment Advocacy


Are you or a loved one an individual with autism seeking employment?

Are you an employer looking to hire well-qualified and dependable individuals?


One of the hallmarks of ASD is a difficulty with social communication. This can have devastating outcomes when it comes to interviewing for a position. I can help you close the gap between potential employees and potential employers by supporting this and other crucial and specifically social aspects of employment. Through tailored training and/or on-going consultation on-site or virtually, Autism Outfitters can help make gainful employment a reality.

Individual Intervention and Coaching


Want more out of life?

Want to more independent?

Want to build a career and family of your own?


Traditional educational programs have historically focused on academic training but did little to prepare students to be independent contributing members of society. Autism Outfitters can change that and fill in the missing gaps to help you learn the soft skills and self-regulation strategies necessary to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. Through tailored training and/or on-going consultation on-site or virtually, Autism Outfitters can help make independence a reality.

Training Packages for family and friends


Are you seeking answers about autism?

Are you unsure of how to be supportive?

Do you want more information on evidence-based strategies and solutions at home?


While there are many services out there to support individuals with autism, very few focus on training the family. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what if the village needs specialized training to support their loved one? Through tailored training and/or on-going consultation on-site or virtually, Autism Outfitters can help make effective family support a reality.

 Are you ready?


Step 1. Choose the program track that best suits your needs:

  • Individual Independence Coaching is designed for adults and adolescents who have or are suspected to have autism, and are seeking more independence and career support. 

  • Family Training is designed for parents, caregivers, and other vested village members to support a child who has or is suspected of having autism or other developmental communication disorder.

Step 2. Choose the level of support that best fits you:

Phone on Desk

20 Minute Virtual Consult

Are you...
- Confused about what to do next?
- Overwhelmed and not sure where to start?
- Looking for answers to a specific situation?
- Need a solution now for an isolated event?
- Want reassurance from an expert?

This brief consult is just the answer to these concerns and many more. Speak with a nationally recognized autism expert who will listen to you and guide you to practical and impactful next steps. This short call may change your or your loved one's life forever.


Initial Review and Recommendations

In this intake interview, I will assess the individual's situation and determine initial impressions for expert recommendations. 

This session will give you immediate and real-time feedback of the top three recommended next steps or strategies to implement in order to move towards independence. May also include direct observation, records review, intervention trials, and other formal or informal assessments at my discretion. 

Recommendations will cover family, community, educational, and medical-based interventions. Sessions are open to all ages and stages of life. Sessions are not intended to provide diagnostic impressions for medical diagnosis; however, we may conclude with resources and report of diagnostic criteria sufficient for diagnosis.  

what do my clients have to say?

Image by Riccardo Pelati


Advantage Therapy

“Shannon does a great job communicating to her patients and their families. She not only has superior knowledge in her profession but shows great compassion for her patients…"

Image by Element5 Digital

Chris Pyle

Assistant Superintendent

“Thank you again for coming to Sedalia for us today, Shannon. We appreciate you very much! I know we benefited greatly!”​

Job Interview

Dr. Higdon

Ozarks Technical Community College

"Shannon has provided professional one to one support to a [adult] member of our family since October of 2016 and we have seen progress his parents never imagined was possible." 

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