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I equip small businesses to be the frontrunner in their industry by becoming
THE place to work and do business.
Step 1: Select your TOPIC
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Call today to start your 3-part training series, building from the ground up.

Learn more about each topic below.



  • Learn the four A’s to eliminate bias.

  • Experience why bias training doesn’t work and what two strategies do work.

  • Discuss practical ways to advocate for and support individuals from marginalized groups in our work community.

  • Shift your mindset to be ready to seek inclusive methods and opportunities.



  • Learn how and why to increase an inclusive culture and workforce diversity using a socially neutral marginalized group, the neurodiverse.

  • Learn what defines Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • Discover how diversity makes a positive difference, specifically diversity built from differing abilities and ways of thinking.

  • Learn the 5 most common misconceptions of interacting with individuals of differing abilities.



  • Discuss the top 5 strategies for interviewing and hiring employees with ASD and hear the secret to why this helps everyone.

  • Review ways to successfully integrate and retain employees from marginalized groups such as those with autism and differing abilities through fostering an inclusive culture.

  • Apply strategies from both the Framework and Foundation training during experiential learning activities. 

Step 2: Select your Format

Keynote Speech $ 2500

Impactful and energetic presentations designed to educate, entertain, and inspire audiences to self-reflect and take action.

2-Day Private Workshop $ 9500

Workshops engage audiences with hands-on learning, group activities, and generate individual inspiration and growth. Attendees leave with momentum to implement new strategies immediately.

1-Day Private Training $ 5500

Like the 2-day workshop, full-day training events take audiences on a deep dive into a relevant and timely topic gaining insight & clear action steps. Evidence-based techniques such as Team-Based Learning and Universal Design ensure participant engagement.

1/2 Day In-service $ 3000  

The 1/2 day in-service is an expanded opportunity to learn from and engage with the expert, audiences will leave motivated and ready with clear takeaways to apply. 

Breakout Session $ 1750 

Audiences are engaged with interactive presentations on current, relevant topics to elicit new evidence-based ways of approaching challenges and developing solutions.

step 3: schedule with me
  • Are you ready to create a corporate culture that is welcoming for everyone?

  • Do you want teams that are more creative and perform better in problem solving?

  • Are you ready for better decision-making among your workforce?

  • Do you want higher employee engagement and higher performance and productivity

Organizations with diverse and inclusive cultures prove time and again to exceed these expectations. Autism Outfitters will help you get there.

Through tailored training and on-site or virtual ongoing consultation, Autism Outfitters can help make Diverse and Inclusive Culture a reality in your organization.

Clapping Audience



So we're aware of autism and acknowledge the problem with lacking diversity and inclusion,
but that's not enough.
We haven't changed our biases. We:
...don't know what to do differently.
    ...don't know how to shift the oppressive culture.
...don't know how to interact and engage with a diverse workforce.
We all want to help; we just don't know how.
But here's the thing - it doesn't have to stop with awareness. Together we can do better.
It's time to end the cycle.
It's time to shift processes and cultures in an inclusive way.               
We can do more than just the status quo.
An individual's success is limited only by the environment and supports that surrounds them.
Here's a little secret... what's great for autism is great for everyone!  
Diversity and Inclusion strategies help everyone:
Increase company revenue                                    Improve employee performance & productivity
Increase employee retention                                 Increase employee engagement & creativity
Improve customer satisfaction                               Improve employee problem solving
Expand overall community impact                        Start making better decisions
We can ALL enjoy life and work together.
together we can
shift the culture of our community to embrace Diversity & autism
Whether you're looking to employ or to serve marginalized and neuro-diverse individuals, I can help.
let's make your company the place to work and do business.
Women Holding Hands
Like the homeless need housing,
the socially-restricted need social engagement.
I can help your organization create and benefit from real connections with individuals struggling to connect in their environment.
I can translate the unexpected behaviors into shared ideas and clear messages while providing evidence-based tools and tips to support diverse and au-mazing individuals.

“I definitely enjoyed your session and took some great notes! Your insights were so timely and spot on!


With your expertise in autism, you have such a beautiful avenue to bring awareness to two age-old issues: acceptance and inclusion. It's just that simple! You are doing a great job; keep at it.”​

~ Cynthia Williams

Creative Placemaker, Idea Instigator,

Workshop Facilitator, Adjunct Professor 

Chicago, IL

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