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family consulting

We all need supports.

Navigating and interpreting services, medical reports, educational paperwork, therapies, and interventions is difficult if not impossible, especially when you are trying to provide the best care you can to your loved one.


It seems like there are not enough hours in the day to take it all in... and when you try to research anything online the world becomes a scary and overwhelming place.


Let me take that overwhelm for you and break down the information as it relates directly to your situation and loved one. My experience in both the medical and educational settings as well as my own personal experience navigating community and medical disability services have given me the knowledge to help you understand your loved one and their needs.


Let my knowledge and experience give you clarity and guidance to prioritize the first three steps, develop a short or long-range plan, build a relationship with your loved one, and help you navigate services and advocate like an expert!

Family Consulting includes services such as:

  • records review and interpretation

  • family discovery session

  • individual assessment

  • mapping a course of action

  • ongoing family or individual consultation


We will work together to find clarity and harmony in your home!

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