It's about training the village.

An individual's success is limited only by the environment and supports that surround them.
We've gotten to the point of autism or diversity awareness in our society, but everyone is still afraid
We often don't understand.
...don't know what to do.
...don't know how to interact.
We all want to help; we just don't know how.
But here's the thing - it doesn't have to stop there. Together we can do better.
It's time to end the fear.
I'm here to expand understanding and appreciation, which means we expand supports in an inclusive way.
We can do more than just survive.
We can ALL learn to enjoy life.
together we can
shift the culture of our community to
embrace Diversity & autism.

The Autism Outfitters mission is a call to help communities embrace individuals with autism and other differences in order to help people get out and enjoy life in their communities. This happens when community partners and businesses create and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.
Whether you're looking to employ or to serve neuro-diverse individuals, I can help.
 Like the homeless need housing, the socially-restricted need social engagement. I help your community (school, company, family, hometown) create and benefit from real connections with individuals struggling to connect in their environment. I can translate the unexpected behaviors into shared ideas and clear messages while providing evidence-based tools and tips to support
au-mazing individuals.

Diversity & Inclusion  Consulting


Are you ready to create a corporate culture that is welcoming for everyone?

Do you want teams that are more creative and perform better in problem solving?

Are you ready for better decision-making among your workforce?

Do you want higher employee engagement and higher performance and productivity? 

Organizations with diverse and inclusive cultures prove time and again to exceed these expectations. Autism Outfitters will help you get there.

Through tailored training and on-site or virtual ongoing consultation, Autism Outfitters can help make Diverse and Inclusive Culture a reality in your organization.

Employ Au-mazing Staff


Are you an employer looking to hire well-qualified and dependable individuals?


Are you looking for a more diverse workforce with fresh ideas and new perspectives? 

Would you like employees that are loyal to the company and to decrease your turnover rate?

Are you seeking employees with a keen eye for detail and aptitude for repetitive or precise tasks?


One of the hallmarks of autism is difficulty with social communication. This can have devastating outcomes when it comes to interviewing for a position.


Another hallmark of autism is a propensity for repetitive, ritualized, and restrictive patterns. This inherent trait can be absolutely beneficial for so many jobs. 


Autism Outfitters can close the gap between potential employees and employers. From onboarding strategies to teaming, through tailored training and/or virtual or on-site ongoing consultation, we'll make stellar employees a reality.

Community Engagement


Would you like help to create an autism-friendly environment to serve individuals with autism and their families?

Individuals with autism nearly always suffer from anxiety too, especially when it comes to social situations or venturing out in the community. This comes from a fundamental disturbance in social communication which makes life outside of their routine very unpredictable.

It takes more than a couple of sensory tricks to make a truly welcoming and functional environment. Let me evaluate your space and provide you with a personalized plan to incorporate evidence-based supports so you can be one of a handful of businesses well-prepared to serve the 1 in 50 customers that experiences autism.


Autism Outfitters is committed to supporting individuals to "get out and enjoy life!" We do this by providing predictability in opportunities for social engagement.

From grocery store outings to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, Autism Outfitters can help you make community engagement a reality.


Shannon Locke, M.S., CCC-SLP

Phone:  417-597-4014


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