Autism education

All training opportunities are personalized to best meet your needs and are packed full of evidence-based and up-to-date information.


I offer small or large group training lectures, including brief one-hour sessions to full multi-day events and everything in between. Seminars are appropriate for professionals, parents, employees, and individuals with autism.


These events engage the audience with hands-on and interactive learning opportunities. Workshops are well-suited for groups of 10 or more and require a little more space to move.


Training for your staff or organization provided on-site and specific to your needs. These events are well-suited for a lunch-n-learn type event as well as lengthier or multi-day sessions to allow your staff the opportunity to apply what they've learned and return to the table for follow-up and feedback.

Online Webinars

All of these training formats can be prepared and delivered in real-time online with interactive discussions or recorded to be viewed at your convenience.

Examples of Past Presentation Topics

  • Academically Able and Autism

  • Autism 101: Behaviors are Messages

  • Soft Skills 101; From Philosophical Constructs to Concrete Instruction

  • Change is Hard…Collaboration is even Harder: Let’s Do This!

  • Making Goals Measurable

  • SMART Goals for Social Communication: Writing, Tracking and Enlisting Collaboration

  • Ensuring Independence & Academic Success, more than academics

  • Video Modeling for Social Skill Development

  • Introduction to FBA-BIP

  • UDL Supporting Diverse Learners & ASD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Resources and Recommendations

  • Task Demands through Team Based Learning

  • Medical vs Educational diagnostic and intervention models

  • No Such Thing as Autistic Behaviors and High Functioning is Not Helpful

  • Developing Language and Early Literacy for FREE!

  • The Value of COMMUNICATION: Why we do What we do


Shannon Locke, M.S., CCC-SLP

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